Mr. Arunkumar Manjibhai Bambhania is designated as Whole-Time director of the Company and serving the MKC Group as Managing Director and one of the promoters. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, he has joined his family driven business. He is steering the Company towards growth and profitability with his over 24 years of experience. He always reviews the situation from management to fieldwork level and proves himself as a bridge between the company and its stakeholders. He has extremely good leadership qualities, good imagination power, good analytical ability and known for his operational excellence.

Mr. Nishant R. Bambhania S/o Late Mr. Rameshbhai Bambhania joined this industrial building construction company in the year 2011. He is a key person in this infrastructure company and responsible for all construction activities, including all Civil Engineering works. He has been managing all the problems and resolving them in the best interest of projects under execution by the company. His punctuality, time-bound discipline, and sincere efforts ensure that all the projects are being completed within the stipulated period. With the experienced staff and team, he is now guiding a new segment i.e. solar business. Under his leadership and guidance, our company has reached remarkable milestones.

He is designated as Independent Director of the company, and his association with MKC Infrastructure Ltd is since November, 2022. Before joining one of the best road and bridge construction companies in India, Mr. Kaul worked in a senior position in prestigious organizations such as NBCC and Adani Group. Mr. Kaul commenced his career in NBCC (A govt. of India Enterprise) in the field of Civil Engineering. During his tenure at NBCC for 32 years, he has undertaken and completed various projects with supreme efficiency.

Mrs. Induben Ashokkumar Bambhaniya has been associated with our company since 2010 and has over 15 years of vast experience in the field of road construction industries. She is guiding our company with her visionary leadership and foresightedness.