MKC Infrastructure Ltd is the best national highway construction company. It has constructed all types of road and highway projects in India. This highway and road construction company has unmatched expertise in all project procurement models and it works on projects with design, construction, finance, operation, and maintenance components.

With over 1400 Kilometers of road and highway projects completed, this one of the top highway construction companies in India has faced and overcome all types of technical challenges. This best road construction company in India has acquired knowledge and experience, which empower the company to quickly adapt to the special requirements of various types of major signature projects.



MKC Infrastructure is a foremost bridge construction company. Our projects are recognized by their sheer size, technical intricacy, use of the latest technologies, and innovative ideas in meeting and overcoming technical challenges.

Our bridge construction company in India has constructed more than 24 Bridges of all types and sizes, including:

★ Highway bridges

★ Railway bridges



MKC Infrastructure has highly qualified specialists covering all disciplines involved in the development and supervision of any building project in the work, which gives expertise in industrial building construction. MKC is constantly exploring new construction systems and solutions to be incorporated into its projects to obtain the best results in quality, timeliness, and final cost.



MKC Infrastructure Ltd has been involved in Railway Projects since 2017.  Since then, we have been actively involved in all types of railway construction projects like railway bridge construction, railway over bridge construction, and similar projects. As part of our business under this vertical, we undertake activities such as doubling the track, gauge conversion, electrical signaling, and communication works.



MKC works in a systematic way with an integrated approach to land development projects.   MKC Infrastructure has successfully completed the Construction of the RCC structured six storied building and RCC structured administrative office building at Ballarpur Industries. It is a chemical manufacturing industry constructed at KHAVDA-KUTCH.



MKC Infrastructure has successfully completed many projects of SSNNL (Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited).